Emre Arslan

He was borned in Hopa in 1982. After completed the primary school, the secondary school and the
high school in Hopa, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture in 2006.

Except Istanbul Technic University, between 2004 and 2005 Emre Arslan studied at the PolytechnicUniversity_of_Milan Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy, where he acquired a knowledgeS of the European architecture market and acquired future Italian business partners. From the date of foundation his company GOOA , he works closely with “LAB255 Architertural Office” in Milan.
During his studies, he worked in a variety of types and sizes of projects for companies such as “Build Up SRL” ( Milan ), “DPG Design” and “Itac-Metin Hepgüler”.

After graduation from the university, he began his professional career in one of the leading architectural firms in Turkey “Tabanlıoğlu”. During this time he successfully worked in projects in his native country of Turkey and abroad.
Emre Arslan also completed several interior design projects for “News Corporation” and “FOX TV Turkey”.
In 2011 he founded architectural company “GOOA | Global Oficce of Architecture”

He speaks Turkish, English and Italian.




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