Established in 2011, GOOA continues to work in the fields of Architecture/Interior design and construction.
As GOOA, we create our designs in line with physical location, user expectations, regulations, construction cost, aesthetic and scientific values and implement our designs with our professional teams.


Emre Arslan started his architectural education at Istanbul Technical University in 2000. Emre Arslan, who continued his education at Politecnnico di Milano University between 2004-2005, graduated from ITU as an architect in 2006 and started his professional life as an architect in Tabanlioglu, one of the largest architectural office in Turkey.
After 1 year of experience in Tabanlioglu architecture, he managed the design and construction of the FOX TV Turkey Project as a project architect.
Emre Arslan successfully completed the Fox Tv Project in 2011. He founded GOOA|Global Office Of Architecture  and successful work within GOOA.